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Posted by on Jan 4, 2014 in Contributing Writers | 0 comments

Waiting In Line by Irish Camacho

I have now been standing in line for a taxi for almost one and a half hours. In the cold, in a foreign land. We’ve been in queue and a lot have already dropped out, moving us up to 2nd in line. But still, no taxi would take us.

And then I realize, waiting for love is a lot like what I’m experiencing now. You wait expectantly, knowing someone would let you hitch a ride, eventually. But then you get disappointed and they speed away.

Some would stop, consider a few moments, and then when they realize you’re not the passenger they want (maybe because you’re not going the same direction or maybe because, well, you wouldn’t pay for what they want and quite frankly, they’re not really worth it anyway), they drive away.

Unfortunately some of the people in line decided to go with these drivers, even if they had to pay the price triple.

There’s also the taxi driver who only wanted one thing. One destination, all or nothing. They’re even very rude if you don’t give them what they want. So we shoo them away; good riddance.

Then the temperature drops — you get older, your doctor says you are “expiring”, all the good ones are getting taken, or your friends all walk down the aisle — and it gets a little bit more unbearable. Everyone starts to panic, or be irritable, or both.

Now there are just a handful of us waiting in line because everybody else has decided either to take the long way home — the MTR — or take a shortcut (care to guess what that means?).

All in all it’s a pretty unpleasant situation. Waiting can be like that. It gets unbearable when you get impatient.

Realizing that whining wouldn’t do me any good, I decided to make myself comfortable on the floor. It wasn’t expected, but I did it anyway. I shut up and preoccupied myself. Most of our companions were complaining about being cold or tired or how bad these drivers were being. That would have been the easiest thing to do. We do that a lot, don’t we?

And then suddenly, another taxi pulls up. This time it doesn’t run away. The group in front of us (by this time we were best friends with them) makes a victory fist pump in the air, looks back at us and signals they’re ok. You know what? Everybody actually cheers. How nice it is to see that one of us finally seals the deal! The joy was just precious because we knew we were next — there was hope that the waiting in line will end.

It finally did for us. The relief, the happiness of being able to sit comfortably, and looking forward to getting home were priceless.

What started to be an ordeal of waiting was suddenly turning out to be a good lesson. I had started to write about the experience, all while sitting on the floor of a taxi queue, never mind that I was reprimanded for doing so. All these emotions within one and a half hours.

So, yes. Waiting in line for a taxi is something like waiting for love. It tests your EQ, your patience, your trust in His wisdom. Sure you get all these disappointments but you have to say no to them and shut their doors. You need to wait for the right kind, board it, and enjoy the comfort of finally getting to your destination together. It’ll be worth it because it’ll come at the right price and the reward? Priceless.

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