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Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 in Conference, Contributing Writers | 0 comments

Lovestruck Singles Conference 2016

By Joyce Cababan

Five months ago, my churchmates Rose, Queenie and I bought tickets for this conference without knowing what we are paying for. We’re just sure of one thing – we will be blessed by this conference.

And then, we went to the event last August 6th, and we were indeed very blessed.

There’s a common misconception that singles attend this kind of event because hey, we’re singles, and we might be meeting the right one at this event.

But that will remain as a misconception because that thinking is so wrong.

In this event, it was discussed, the singles, can do so much more during this season of singleness.

The first speaker was Miss Yay Padua-Olmedo, a professor at Southville Foreign University and a motivational and business speaker. Her topic was “Singles in the Marketplace”.

She talked about how single Christian employees can rule the marketplace. She said, “If Jesus is the Lion of Judah, you are the lion of the marketplace. You rule.”

But of course, there was also a warning of not being boastful.

She also talked about how we can give glory to God in whatever we do, whether it’s big or small, we have to give our best because we are a reflection of our Maker, who makes excellent and the most beautiful things.

The next speaker was Ardy Roberto, the author of Pera Na Hindi Bitin, an entrepreneur, a motivational and business speaker, and a husband to Miriam Quiambao-Roberto. His topic was “5 Things I Wish I knew About Money When I Was Single”.

We weren’t able to finish all five items due to time constraint but all those items in his book “Pera Na Di Bitin”. It is only Php50 and I highly recommend to buy this book.

One of the things that struck me during his talk is the abundance formula. It’s very simple and basic, and I know in my heart that I’ve been hearing this lately but I don’t do it.

The abundance formula is as follows.

From your monthly income:

10% Tithing/Giving

20% Savings

70% Expenses

I am 29 years old and I just started getting an insurance this year. It’s one of the wisest decisions I’ve made and I wished I made that decision when I was younger. But now, I am doing my best to live simply and cut my expenses to be able to save for my future.

I bought his book and then got the chance for him to sign my book:)

He also shared Miriam’s money jar system for the abundance formula that I mentioned above. And I am proud to say that if she has money jar, I have money envelopes which is basically the same too, which I learned from one of my colleagues, Joann.

The last speaker was Pstr. Herald Cruz. Aside from being a pastor, he is also a family counselor. His topic was “Finding the Right One by Being the Right One”.

Of course, this event will never be complete without talking about love and marriage. He discussed that singles have to be thankful for this season and make this time a season of worship.


I’ve been single for five years now and it’s true, there are times that I struggle and feel sad that I don’t have someone. But everyday, the Lord also reminds me how much He loves me, how precious I am, and that I should not settle because He is preparing the best for me.

I would also like to share my Facebook and Instagram post when I went home last night about how God spoke to me through this event.

If you’d ask me if I would attend this event next time, I would definitely be there again! This was one of the best decisions I made this year.

Had a great time with these two!❤

Thank you Lovestruck Movement for having this kind of event. I pray that you continue to inspire others through His Word.

*all photos are from the Lovestruck Convergence Facebook page except for my photo with Kuya Ardy, and my photos with my churchmates.


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