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Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Convergence | 0 comments

LOVESTRUCK CONVERGENCE-Laoag City, Ilocos Norte (28 May 2016)

More than 350 young people coming from as far as Abra packed the cinema turned sanctuary not knowing what to expect but obviously looking forward to a fresh encounter from the Father.


Praise and worship songs filled the building preparing the delegates to receive fresh revelations from God.

A new revelation from the Lord. Pastor Cessna “Cess” Atinaja, Youth Ministry Pastor of the Church of the Savior-Laoag, started the conference with a message on “Redeeming Passion for God”, throwing a challenge to the young people to renew their relationship with God, centering on His grace and favor.

Challenging the young people to renew and revive their relationships with their parents, Pastor Nonito “Ogie” Bumanglag preached a heartfelt message about “Redeeming Obedience to Parents”.

With the surge of online information, Pastor John Michael “Johan” Sales talked about “Redeeming Social Media”, giving instructions on proper and “righteous” usage of social media and the Internet.

The final message of Pastor Ronald Molmisa on “Redeeming Broken Hearts” led to the opening of hearts and the breaking of all bondages that victimized many young people and took them far from the Lord.

A testimony from Pastor Ivan Feliciano became an affirmation for the audience that the Lord truly restores broken lives and heals broken hearts.

As Pastor Ronald called upon the young people to come before the Lord and confess their sins, break their bondages, and surrender the ties that bind them, the air inside the sanctuary suddenly became electric ushering in a great move of the Holy Spirit upon that place. The cries and shouts of young people pleading before the Lord filled the room as some lay prostrate across the sanctuary floor and some lifted their hands up high as a sign of surrender.

That day ushered in victory for a lot of young people who attended. Freeing them from the bondages of sin, the occult, soul ties, wrong relationships, pre-marital sex, and past abuses. The day ended with no dry eye. It also sent more than 300 young people going home with a renewed faith and a refreshed spirit and heart.

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