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Posted by on May 30, 2014 in Contributing Writers, Podcast | 0 comments

How to Listen/Download the Lovestruck Radio Episode

Go to the Lovestruck Radio Episode page.

To listen online, just click the “play” icon at the media player.
media player

To download the mp3,

  • At your pc/laptop/desktop computer, using “Google Chrome or Firefox” web browser:
    1. Click the “Download” link.
      1. If you are using Google Chrome, the mp3 file will be automatically downloaded.
      2. If you are using Firefox, select the “Save File” radio button and click “OK”.
      3. Save File

      4. If a black web page with a media player appears, right click on the page and click “Save As”. Click “Save” button.
    2. Wait for the download to be completed and check your downloads folder.

    We highly recommend to update your web browser for ease of use and security reason.

  • At your android phone, using the “Browser“:
    1. Click the “Download” link.
    2. A window will appear, click “Save“. Wait for the download to be completed.
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