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As of 2013, sixty (60) percent of Philippine population (56.5 million) are below the age of 30. This sizable sector of society has the potential to change the course of our nation. Philippine national heroes initiated their crusade for social change in the days of their youth. This similar idealism and vigor of the younger generation is essential in reforming our nation which has been plagued with graft and corruption and negative values. We should not only train the youth to become skillful leaders but we must also teach them how to be righteous and principled influencers.

The youth’s leadership potential can be affected by their interpersonal relationships. The prevalence of premarital sex resulting in unwanted teenage pregnancies in the country (the highest in Southeast Asia) can be attributed various socio-cultural factors—media influence, weak parental guidance, peer pressure, poverty. Hence, The Lovestruck Movement was conceived to inculcate among the Filipino youth the right attitudes and values vis-a-vis dating, courtship, marriage and responsible sexuality.

Lovestruck Movement

OUR MISSION: The Lovestruck Movement exists to change wrong mindsets about relationships, address identity and sexual issues, prevent teenage pregnancies, break the cycle of all forms of abuse, promote social responsibility, and develop Christ-centered spirituality. We accomplish these goals by organizing conferences, seminar-trainings and discipleship programs. We provide counseling and safe communities for the abused; as well as deliver social services, engage in social action and partner with local and national entities.

OUR VISION: Every Filipino having healthy, Christ-centered lives–physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

CORE VALUES: The Movement is guided by the following values and principles:

  • Christ-Centered and Holy Spirit-Led
  • Credibility and Holiness
  • Community and Accountability
  • Competence and Excellence
  • Commitment and Volunteerism
  • Compassion and Social Responsibility
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